My Dad always taught me, ‘bet on the jockey instead of the horse.’ With Scofield, we picked a jockey that has been a clear winner for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to personally recommend Scofield–and Jay Bear–to anyone.
— Dr. Steven Garber, Scofield client

Scofield Timber has done excellent work over the past 30 years, and I don’t know of any other company in North Georgia that performs high quality timber harvesting operations on such a consistent level. As a result of Scofield’s work, the forest has improved in both appearance and in overall health. Scofield is a great credit to our industry.
— Dale Higdon, Senior Forester, Georgia Forestry Commission

Scofield stood the timber industry on its ear, particularly at our 1,700-acre country club subdivision at BridgeMill. Scofield nurtured our forested areas and spared a significant number of trees. Other developers are realizing it’s not only good for the land, it’s what homeowners want.
— Bret Blevins, Atlanta developer

I like Scofield’s approach. They are serious, professional, and don’t make promises they can’t keep. I’m comfortable that our timberland is in good hands. We’re generating revenues for our company, as well as enhancing the environmental impact of our timberland by thinning them for health, growth, and aesthetics.
— Bruce Smith, President of Cousins Real Estate Corporation

Scofield raised the bar to a new level of timber harvesting. Scofield is the leading company in virtually every category.
— Dale Williams, Weyerhaeuser Area Manager

Timbering is often a bit mysterious to landowners. Scofield makes it clear and simple. We have a lot of faith that they will handle our tracts in a professional way, and our tracts look better after the thinning than they did before. I’m very pleased with their expertise in the woods.
— Scot A. Clark, Vice President of Development, PEC Development Group

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