Timber Management

Scofield Timber is much more than a timber harvesting company

Scofield offers a complete line of timberland procurement, development, and management services. We work with some of the Southeast’s most prominent landowners and developers, helping them identify and purchase timberland investment tracts, and manage their existing tracts for current and future gains.

Using the Scofield model, our clients reap much more than just an attractive profit from timber sales, they also realize the substantial financial appreciation and industry respect that comes from owning land that is groomed for aesthetic beauty. Some of our successful long-term management projects include:


  • Rocky Creek
  • Buffalo Creek
  • Cole Forest
  • Jasper Lakes
  • Knoxville Plantation

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits and opportunities of investing in timber, please call us at 404-325-2828 or contact us here.