Scofield Timber Company Wins Weyerhaeuser’s Top Timbering Award

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March 22, 2002
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Scofield Timber Company Wins Weyerhaeuser’s Top Timbering Award



Weyerhaeuser Cites Scofield for “Raising the Bar”
on Timbering Standards


Atlanta, Ga. – Weyerhaeuser Company has presented Scofield Timber Company with its Highest Quality Supplier of the Year award for excellence in timber harvesting. At a special awards banquet in Perry, Georgia, Weyerhaeuser bestowed Scofield with its prestigious “golden axe” mounted on a wood plaque. Scofield won the award for achieving and maintaining the highest possible standards in timber harvesting.

“Scofield has raised the bar to a new level of timber harvesting,” said Dale Williams, Weyerhaeuser area manager. “Scofield is the leading company in virtually every category.” Olin Hicks, northwest Georgia area manager for Weyerhaeuser, said he has the highest regard for Scofield’s field operations and the company’s personnel. “If someone at Scofield makes a commitment, as far as I’m concerned, it is already taken to the bank.” Scofield won the annual award as a result of its consistently high scores in each element of the environmental section of Safety Quality Utilization Environmental (SQUE), Weyerhaeuser’s rigorous third party auditing program. Weyerhaeuser also considers how well timber company candidates adhere to its business management practices. Weyerhaeuser selected Scofield from 12 timbering company candidates.

Jay Bear, Scofield president, said Scofield places a strong emphasis on its business relationships. “We place the utmost importance on our relationships with our clients, our logging crews and with each other. Everything we do is to further each of these relationships and to make them fruitful and profitable for everyone. It takes a special team to do this. I am very proud of our logging crews and the Scofield foresters and office staff for the integrity, ethics and timbering excellence they have demonstrated.”

Weyerhaeuser has long been the industry leader in assuring that its field operations maintain the highest standards possible. The company’s special audit teams observe and monitor logging crews as often as 100 times per year. They check for safety violations, traffic records, environmental impact, aesthetics of the harvest, and the quality of the logs and pulpwood that are delivered to the mills.

The timber industry in recent years has worked to improve its public image through great efforts to upgrade all aspects of timber harvesting operations in aesthetics, safety and environmental impact.

In 2001, Scofield was the recipient of Weyerhaeuser’s prestigious Environmental Award. Scofield also won the award for its leadership and respect for the environment. In addition, Scofield received recognition from the Nature Conservancy for protecting and maintaining the integrity of the environment during timber harvesting. Scofield is the only timber company that has ever been officially recognized by the DeKalb County Soil and Water Conservation District for “dedicated service in the conservation effort.”

Since 1974, Scofield has been an industry leader in timber harvesting in the Atlanta metro area. The company harvests more than one million individually selected trees on nearly 20,000 acres annually. Scofield specializes in leaving land in the best possible condition after the harvesting of trees.

Weyerhaeuser is an international forest products company that employees 47,000 people in 17 countries and had a total of $16 billion in sales in 2000. The company’s principal businesses are the growing and harvesting of trees; the manufacture, distribution and sale of forest products; and real estate construction and development. For seven years, Fortune magazine’s annual corporate reputation survey has ranked Weyerhaeuser number one in social responsibility in the forestry industry.

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