Scofield Facts

Scofield Facts


General Facts

  • Scofield has been an industry leader for over 30 years in the technique of thinning timber on valuable and sensitive property, including land that has environmental, aesthetic, monetary or sentimental value.
  • Scofield is a full-service timber company that harvests annually one million to two million individually selected trees on 30,000 acres in Georgia within a 70-county area.
  • Scofield harvests trees to obtain the best possible outcome for the land and the landowner.
  • Using specialized equipment, Scofield extracts profits from wooded tracts without destroying the natural beauty of the tract.
  • Scofield enhances the beauty and marketability of land through selective thinning by handpicking each tree for removal. In most cases, the remaining forest benefits from the culling process.

Landowner Services

  • Scofield helps landowners reap maximum value from the harvest of their trees, whether they are clearing land for development, thinning trees to enhance land value, or investing in property for growth and profit.
  • For landowners who want to sell their timber, Scofield manages and controls every aspect of the timber sale directly: price, tree selection, road construction, permitting, landowner liability protection, clean up, and erosion control. When necessary, Scofield negotiates issues with adjoining landowners.

Developer Services

  • Scofield works with developers to give them an alternative to clear-cutting the land for building that will produce a bountiful crop of timber and leave the land more aesthetically pleasing than it was previously.
  • The American Homebuilders’ Association has stated that the number one environmental attribute prospective homeowners list when discussing their needs is, “more trees.” Similar comments have been made by recreation-seekers, such as golfers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Scofield helps developers achieve the aesthetic needs of the land they are developing.
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