History of Scofield

Scofield Timber Company’s Beginning

Jay Bear and a partner founded Scofield Timber Company in 1973 when they determined that timber harvesting techniques at that time were not well suited for valuable or sensitive properties in the metro Atlanta area.

Through intensive management and oversight, they developed a timber harvesting system that has less impact on the underlying land and opened up new markets for metropolitan landowners to sell their timber.

The result of those efforts over the years has been an increased volume of timber being produced from developing areas, as well as increased revenues for the landowner and developers located in those areas.

Today, Scofield Timber Company is a full-service timber enterprise harvesting more than 1 million individually selected trees every year. The company is an award-winning industry leader in the technique of thinning timber on valuable and sensitive property, leaving the land in better shape for the long-term.