A Guide for the Large Scale Developer

A Guide for the Large Scale Developer

The BridgeMill golf course and subdivision development is a prime example of how Scofield works with developers to achieve maximum use of the land while maintaining its natural beauty.

The needs of the large-scale developer are different from other landowners, and Scofield recognizes that fact. Developers of forested sites of 500 acres or more have special concerns. Whether the intended use of a large-scale site is a golf course, a residential community, or a progressive, mixed-use office development in a park-like setting, its developers place a very high importance on the value of aesthetics.

If you are developing in a situation where beautiful surroundings and attention to environmental details will be selling points for you or your customers, you should choose your timber company very carefully.

A Dedication to Excellence

At Scofield, we can help you achieve two important objectives when clearing begins. First and foremost, we develop a plan for selectively clearing and thinning that will preserve the beauty of the setting. Second, we help ensure favorable publicity for your project, not only through the sensitivity we use during the thinning, but also by the professional, attractive manner in which we perform auxiliary activities, such as road building and debris chipping.

A Scofield thinning will leave your property looking better than before we began, and you will enjoy the revenues generated from the timber sale. Scofield has specialized equipment designed precisely to improve site aesthetics. We also have award-winning forestry professionals whose main goal is to preserve natural beauty, not destroy it. Each major job is assigned to a Scofield forester who manages all aspects of that operation.

Furthermore, the wood chips we create from debris and then spread around your site will make it even more attractive to potential customers, the media, or anyone else who visits the project. Finally, you may discover, as have many of our larger clients, that Scofield’s record of accomplishment and credentials can become a useful marketing tool for your job.

Partners in Progress

Developer Brett Blevins (left) and Scofield President Jay Bear on hole #4 at BridgeMill, a 1650-acre golf course development in Cherokee County.

Scofield has formed many successful partnerships with large-scale developers during the past three decades. We work closely with you and your team, offering competitive pricing for the timber, enhanced aesthetics for the property, and sensitivity to the specific needs of the project. As an added bonus, Scofield can help you develop a progressive, long-term plan for forested, undeveloped portions of the site. With large-scale projects, it is almost inevitable that they will mature in stages.

Why clear the entire area and then fend off negative public sentiment for the duration of the development, when you can allow us to thin selectively as the project proceeds and even set up a long-term timber management program if it is warranted? The American Homebuilders’ Association has stated that the number one environmental attribute prospective homeowners list when discussing their needs is “more trees.”

Similar comments have been made by recreation-seekers, such as golfers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Scofield can help you achieve this goal and still ensure you a handsome profit from the timber that is harvested. If your site calls for environmental and aesthetic sensitivity, your site calls for Scofield.

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